Re-Design and A look into the Future

Hi Everyone,
I am currently in the process of revamping my business model, website and most of all my career path as a media storyteller.
I have taken on far less weddings of my own, and enjoying shooting for my friends and colleagues Mike and Kathy Murray over
at Summer Wind Wedding Films and Chris Walsh of
Chris Walsh Productions.

I have also found myself shooting more and more for my good friends Tom Russo and Paul Lombardo at L&R Productions.
I have shot several television commercials that air locally on some of the major affiliates such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC.
It has been an absolute blast, and extremely rewarding.
I will eventually spinning off a new website and business model for handling such corporate en devours.

In addition, I’m creating an eCommerce site for my wife Jennifer Stern-Hasemann over at JSternDesigns.
Some of you may already know that Jennifer assists me on many of my wedding shoots. Well, she has a very successful education blog,
and YouTube Channel that focuses on Pattern Drafting and Clothing Design. Together we have created several education videos that can be found over at Pattern Review. Jennifer sells her own clothing patterns there as well as on her own website.
We shot her educational videos in her sewing studio and found it to be a bit too small for our needs. So, we are taking over the master bedroom (which is quite large) and converting it into a set designed specifically for her videos. She’s very excited and probably out buying pastel paint as I write this.

Well, that’s all for now. I’d like to keep everyone up to date with my new equipment purchases, I’ve made some big ones in the last few months. So stay tuned for my next post on my new supper computer the HPZ820 and why I decided to purchase it over a Mac Pro.